Visionary Healing Center for Wellness 
659 Auburn Ave NE 130 Atlanta,GA 30312 
Visionary Healing Center for Wellness
659 Auburn Ave NE 130
AtlantaGA 30312
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Wellness Center Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Visionary Healing Center for Wellness

Our Wellness Center is a place for healing of chronic and acute problems and to disconnect from the stress and pressure of life. Step into our serene and beautiful Center and receive DRYFT Floatation Therapy, Acupuncture, or Nutrition Guidance - three gentle yet powerful therapies for total recovery and self-care. Use one or combine all three to find relief from discomfort and improve your health and state of mind

Wellness Services We Provide:

  • DRYFT Floatation Therapy - Float effortlessly in warm, mineral-rich salt water enclosed in a safe, quiet space. While your body absorbs all the benefits from minerals (magnesium effects heart health, relieves pain and inflammation, calms the nervous system), your mind quiets and resets. Follow your Float with a complimentary nutritious tonic and feel ready to focus and face the world again.

  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture is an ancient technique that activates the body’s own ability to heal. We insert tiny needles into precise locations along energy meridians in the body. Acupuncture restores the healthy flow of energy (Qi) and produces amazing results.

  • Nutrition Guidance - The miracle of healing can be found in the choices we make about food. We apply dietary approaches that resolve your diagnosed conditions. Through a proper and effective meal plan, we improve your health and wellbeing.

Our team is full of passionate, knowledgeable people who can give you guidance and assistance. Our team is always available to help, and their insights will ensure you're always making the best decisions for your health.

Contact Visionary Healing Center for Wellness in Atlanta, GA, at (678) 820-8403 today to schedule an appointment.

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